Is 80 the new 50?

Published on February 12, 2024

At LHSC, we have many 80 year olds that go to the gym twice daily, golf every week, write and edit newsletters, lead council meetings, play Bocce ball, go to concerts, wash and wax their cars, and worship in our chapels. That all sounds like normal stuff for an average younger person but let’s remember these folks are in their eighties! 

Yes, for many in society, they may feel that being 80 years of age seems ancient and over the hill. They probably, however, have not had the pleasure of talking to the growing number of individuals where 80 is just a number and not a reflection of their vitality and drive. So the next time someone says 80 is too old for this or that, just remember it’s only a mile marker on what can be a very long and productive life. What do you think you’ll be doing when your 80? God Bless!